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The message of God 89 “The break of day” Man is apt to forget the contrasts in nature and life and all that they mean in his spiritual growth. Perchance his mind is so absorbed in what he sees that he doubts the vast realities he does not see. The present makes him blind to the past and to the future, fooled by glory, he fears not a fall; and baulked in disaster, he gives up hope and some time faith. Let him study nature and history and restore his faith: realising the sure event, the hereafter, let him find his fullest fulfilment in the service and the good-pleasure of God! ................. GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and textile is as above said in chapter 89 is in mention following our less an good understanding, as faculty of India’s Gift Design Institute Ahmedabad teaching in continuation of design subject’s in correlation with plentiful practice to inculcate Gift total learning in unforgettable manner as like they are writing history for their own future professional growth in advance and as said mention above their recalling historical learning of Gandhi Gift Institute is wonderful asset for them to live with, that is why glory of Atom Size Gift Ahmedabad graduates and sooner their work will be flooded in near future in favour of other institute students learning on internet and this is Gift Design Education mission and objective and this doubtless vast realities of Gift India, even this Gift cannot deny, due to the transparent education of Gift in India. Because Gift never fool Gift Students like other known design institutes in India do, in the name of shows and growth or industrial trips or visiting training. Gift Educational belief is no one can change or snatch our destiny, which has written by God than why worry, that is why GIFT EDUCATION is transparent in favour of globe learners. By Khalid Ameer Rafique Founder of GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile as known GIFT GANDHI NGOs or Atom Size Gift Design Institute Ahmedabad Gujarat India and Globally.................

GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile, Ahmedabad

When GIFT Ahmedabad Students opened their Design Folios in interview, than no one ask them their Diploma or Degree Certificate and they get job in their very first as such appearance and this truth is with them where they are working, which Gift Ahmedabad and Industry cannot deny

Thinkest thou, Wherever  Gift Ahmedabad graduate work and leave the respected organization/industry after long working, that said organization/industry again like to employ Gift Gandhi Institute Ahmedabad graduates only, because they do not want different style of working pattern to loos the business, than think how differently GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile make perfect DESIGNER as industry need than other Design Institute, for this kindly check Gift Website or GIFT Prof. Khalid Ameer Rafique Google Blogs or in your perusal 

Easy Job Placement of GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and textile Design as known by many other names as such Atom Size Gift or Gift NGOs or Gift Institute or Gift Design Institute or Gift Gandhi Institute or Gandhi Design Institute or Khalid Design Institute or Institute of Design or Institute of fashion Design or Institute of Textile Design or Design Institute or Institute of Design education or Institute of Short Term Design Fashion or Textile Design Course or Institute of Part Time Design Education for Fashion design and Textile Design or NGOs Design Educational Institute or Gift Gandhi NGOs or Gandhi NGOs Education Students come from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, All over India and Globally means across Globe and after Gift Design Education they are Powerful in Job and as well in their Entrepreneurship and other wise certainly they can be Fit in any situation and condition for day today’s Designing conceptualization for Fashion Apparel and Textile Designs without any Hindrance Hesitation and Hurdle as in Huddle, because their learning in Gift Institute is 100% Individually, Practically and Demonstratively from Gift Teachers, Faculty, Cad Experts, Skilful Technicians, Craft Persons and Visiting Faculty Dr. An Industry Experts in Ethnic and with Advance Upgraded Technology. Gift Teaches only 20 to 25 Students in a year not like other known Design Institutes of India Where there they take 100 to 200 Students each year with no good Faculty as like GIFT Gandhi NGOs Institute Has, That is Why Gift NGOs Institute learners GETS more Attention and certainly is Different than any Known Design Institutes in India and World.

If you are a Gift student then is very easy for you to get a job placement in Ahmedabad Gujarat India or anywhere globally, this all means and shows Atom Size Gift Institute Quality of Design Education which Appropriately Industry Appreciate and to make Understand and Believe this, we hardly advertise in GIFT INSTITUTE promotion because wherever you will visit Gift Student are doing Designing Job and other institute students are busy of doing merchandise types of work and this is the difference in Gift than others. This truth is no one can deny.  By Khalid Ameer Rafique Founder of GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile NGOs

GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion and Textile Students:
Twinkle Rajesh Vachheta, Sona Nemichand Chopra, Akshita Patel, Payal Jigar Thakkar, Janki Deveyakant Tejura, Afreen Aftab Shethwala, Nikita Vijay Choksi, Archana Kishor Makwana, Ankita Singh, Bhumika Lalit Manglani, Mehzabin Iqbal Patel, Naznin Iqbal Patel, Juveria Iqbal Baig, Ruchika Murlidhar Chandak, Nimisha Purshottam Agarwal, Ravina Divy Patel, Mohammad Yakub Ansari, Dipti Ranchod Bhai Patel, Hiral Paresh Bhai Shah, Karishma, Shiksha Ronak Shah, Manish Mahendra Kumar Goidani, Ankita Bhanu Bhai Dobariya, Vaishnavi Vinay Kumar Sahu, Saumya Deepak Agarwal, Binal Kanu Bhai Patel, Shrushti Sunil Bhai Patel, Mamta Ramesh Mali, Ankur Ambalal Patel, Karina Parvin Anwar Khan Pathan, Priyanshi Rajkumar Ostwal, Suchi Kaushal Jhaveri, Juhi Ram Soni............

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